Save the Dates!


October 27-29, 2017


Healthy Hands CE for Massage Therapists

Hand health is an important aspect of self-care for massage therapists. Learn techniques to take care of your hands, as well as other self-care tactics, with AMTA’s rigorously vetted online read more at source…

Bills S73 and S421

Our investigation into the Human trafficking bill shows that there were two proposed Bills: S73 and S421. S73 was submitted in January and is currently being held for further study. S421 was submitted in March and it too is being held for further study. Bill S421 does not mention that a “massage parlor” be required

Case Study: Massage Therapy for Caregivers

When an individual experiences a traumatic injury, most often the entire family—especially the family members who are closely involved in caregiving—is profoundly affected. “These individuals experience a high level of read more at source…

AMTA Board of Directors Sworn into Office

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) 2017-2018 Board of Directors was sworn in to office at the Board meeting on March 9, 2017, in Evanston, Illinois.

Congratulations to President Dolly Wallace read more at source…